Hiya! I’m Jazze.

I’m a dōTERRA Wellness Advocate, and chief Mum-boss at The Calm Compound

My aim is to help others, particularly mamas, to keep their family as happy and healthy as possible (through the use of essential oils, duh!).

I also want to help them avoid those pesky child care sicknesses, keep their skin looking schmicko, and everything in between! If you’re just here for the fashion inspo then I hope you like Gucci!

I educate and empower people to turn to natural, non-toxic alternatives to use in their home and with their family. I want to give people the confidence and encouragement to make a change in their life for the better (and save a heap of money in the process).

I can be having a really crappy day and all it takes is one Mama to send me a message saying they are so grateful because their child is having a restful night’s sleep, for my whole day to get turned around. Doing this, every single day, just lights a fire inside of me to help as many people as possible, to show up, and to empower all of you!


Tap to reveal my secrets...


1. My life is like Suits

I am an insurance lawyer in Melbourne and like to visualise William Shatner in Boston Legal before Court appearances! Not really, but I do like to tell people that my life is EXACTLY like Suits.

2. I coach my husband

My husband is a professional basketballer for the Perth Wildcats. Unfortunately for him, I was a basketballer in a previous life and like to act like I’m the expert and proceed to coach him on the drive home from a game, while he is eating after the game, for the next 3 days after the game, and sometimes even a year later. He’s a lucky guy ☺

3. Sliced bread

I am a mum to Clementine, who thinks she’s the boss, that food is life, and that going swimming is the best thing since sliced bread.. and she loves bread, so that’s a pretty big deal.

4. The other side of the river

I moved from Perth to Brisbane for my husband’s job when I was 34 weeks pregnant (what a good guy…). I had never been to Brisbane, had no immediate family there, didn’t know what side of the river our rental was on and could count the number of people I knew in QLD on one hand. We fell in love with Brisbane but recently decided to up and move to Melbourne! For no reason. Just because. Just #YOLO

5. Real housewives

I am a lover of fashion, interiors, The Block (I am patiently waiting for my husband to retire so that we can apply…), Home & Away and the Real Housewives of Sydney (do you like me more or less now?)