Clean Beauty Review

My non-toxic journey started with essential oils (duh!). We replaced our household cleaners, medicine cabinet, what we washed our clothes with, etc etc. You catch my drift!

Anyway, my research continued... did you know that the cosmetics industry (including essential oils) is one of the most unregulated industries in the world? A process of approval occurs for products that are classified as 'over the counter drugs', but there is no approval process for other products that can end up in your home and on your largest organ. Your skin.

Ever heard the rumour about Queen Elizabeth I dying of blood poisoning because of the lead-based face powder she continued to use? Yep. Horrific.

In 10 years time, we'll look back in horror at the products and ingredients we put on our skin!

As a general rule, these are the ingredients to avoid (head to Mukti Organics for more information):

1. Phthalates 

This is a common ingredient found in your body moisturiser, perfumes, hair spray and deodorants. This ingredient is used in cosmetics because it acts as a binding agent, helps lotions penetrate the skin and makes fragrances last longer. This same ingredient is used in plastic packaging and toys (it makes the plastics flexible). Can't say I'm too keen to use an ingredient on my face that is also used in plastics!

Phthalates contains endocrine disruptors, which essentially just mess with your hormones. It can cause fertility problems (not just for females), birth defects, reproduction issues, developmental issues, and the list goes on. 

2. Parabens

Again, these are preservatives that mimic the oestrogen in your body. They are used in your skincare products because they help to preserve them and prevent bacteria and fungus (which can happen when they are being stored in a deliciously moist bathroom). Parabens have actually been found in breast cancer tumours, which is pretty terrifying. They can also affect the endocrine system and cause reproductive and developmental issues. 

3. Polyethylene Glycols

This ingredient, known more commonly as PEGs, is synthesized by polymerization of ethylene oxide in the presence of water or ethylene glycol and alkaline catalysts. They are used as ointment bases, in creams, moisturisers, lipsticks and toothpastes. This ingredient is known to have effects on the central nervous system, the heart and lungs and can even cause renal failure. 

4. Parfum (i.e. synthetic fragrances)

Even if something is labelled as 'unscented', it can still contain fragrance ingredients. According to the Environmental Working Group (EWG) Skin Deep Database, there are often multiple synthetics (that aren't even included in the ingredient list) that can affect the endocrine system, trigger allergies and even cause asthma.  

5. Petrolatum

Also known as mineral oil, Petrolatum is used as a moisturising agent in personal care products. A 2011 study said that there "is strong evidence that mineral oil hydrocarbons are the greatest contaminant of the human body, amounting to approximately 1 g per person." They can penetrate our bodies and are linked to cancer and other health concerns. 

Why I switched

For the same reason that we started using essential oils and removing toxic chemicals from our home, I realised that absolutely everything needed to change.

I didn’t feel comfortable exposing myself, my husband and of course, my daughter, to any of these harmful chemicals.

Further to that, my skin wasn’t great. I (stupidly) didn’t take before photos, so I’ve managed to zoom in on a few photos and videos that show it below.




Not only was I putting these harmful chemicals on my skin, but it wasn’t even doing anything! It wasn’t improving my skin, even with the addition of skin treatments and facials.

So I decided to purchase some products from Clean Beauty Market. I started off with just a foundation (because I smashed mine on the bathroom floor - winning!).

I went to use my new foundation that weekend, though, and couldn't bring myself to put the blush on my face after the foundation! So I decided to get a few more products and ditch the chemicals. 


1. Josh Rosebrook Cleanser

Loveeeeeee. So smooth and light on your skin. It is a really light lather that helps to get rid of dirt and bacteria. It is also anti-inflammatory and will calm sensitive skin (perfect for me).

You can find this here

2. Kypris Serum

This is specifically for acne prone skin. I think it’s probably pretty evident in the before and after photos that this product (obviously in conjunction with the other products), has had a really positive impact on my skin. I will also always use a drop or two of Frankincense with my serum too as it promotes a healthy complexion, smooth skin and reduces blemishes. 

It will help to balance the overproduction of oil, help to reduce blemishes, assist in the healing process for your skin and soothe skin irritations. 

You can find this here.


Although I LOVE the Kypris Serum, I am seriously jumping out of my skin to try Biologi. I have heard some insane reviews, and it has 1 ingredient!! Like, what the heck? Could you get any more natural and non-toxic? it's just a plant!! And you know how I feel about mother nature's plants that create beautiful 100% pure essential oils for us to use :)

You can find Biologi here. I haven't used it, but check out the reviews online!


2. Josh Rosebrook Tinted Moisturizer

This is a top seller at Clean Beauty Market. It is so beautiful and light. I often wear this if I’m not leaving the house (I.e. working from home or on the weekends). I also love to use it as a primer before my makeup! 

It is a regenerating moisturiser, a broad spectrum sunscreen and light make up (emphasis on the light). It is obviously not intended to be a foundation, but it is very very light coverage. 

For every day use, I have started using the La Mav BB Creme. It is BY FAR, the best BB cream/tinted moisturizer that I have ever used (if you want more coverage).

The only thing I should mention, is that it does feel a little bit like foundation (in my opinion). It has quite a thick texture, which some days I'm just not feeling, so I go with the Josh Rosebrook!

You can find the La Mav here.


For more coveragetry this!

The best BB Cream I have ever used for more coverage!

4. Moisturizer 

I am currently using two. In the morning, I use Good Medicine's Clarity Creme (which you can find here). It contains some powerhouse vitamins, minerals and free-radical fighting antioxidants. Its “awakening” power lifts and clears the skin, revealing a bright, soft, enlivened complexion with a gorgeous matte finish.

I recently purchased a Mukti Organics moisturiser from Conscious Kin (which you can find here) and I'm loving it. This is much thicker than the Good Medicine one, and so I like to use it at night. It is hydrating, softens dry skin and promotes elasticity.

I haven't yet decided which one I like better, but they are both a huge improvement on the chemical-filled ones I was previously using. 

5. tools

I have also been using the Mukti Organics Dermal Roller. Far out - if there is one thing you invest in, make it this (and a Gua Sha). I use this a couple of times a week. Basically, it finely pierces the skin (it doesn't hurt at all), which means the [natural] products that you use on your skin afterwards will absorb much better. 

It can improve collagen production, rejuvenate the skin and create a more vibrant complexion. It's also proven to be effective for uneven skin tone, fine lines and wrinkles.

You can find it here

Further, I also use my Gua Sha's once a week. I did a recent blog post which explains all of the benefits of using Gua Sha's. I will be stocking them shortly but you can also purchase them here.

6. Makeup

I really don’t wear a lot of makeup. Since I purchased the La Mav, I find that I’m even wearing makeup less!

I have also started to wear less concealer as I prefer to lean on my Puffy Eye Blend (Frankincense, Cypress and Rosemary and available soon in my store). 

But here are a few of my fave's:


The Hush Dotti foundation was the first 'clean beauty' purchase that I made. It is BEAUTIFUL!! It provides really flexible coverage and doesn't clog pores, which means you don't get that 'mask' look when you apply it. 

You can find it here

Although I don't wear a lot of makeup, the Hynt concealer is probably my fave makeup product. It is pretty great! It is light and creamy, and doesn't have that 'concealer look'. 

You can find it here.

I use the Lily Lolo blush, which is fragrance free, contains Jojoba oil (which is one of the best anti-aging skin ingredients you can use) and also provides anti-oxidant protection! 

You can find it here.

Now, you don't have to be like me and go and spend everything at once (thanks credit card!). When you run out of a product, take the time to think about the ingredients that you have been using on your body, and make a conscious decision to purchase natural when you re-stock! Your skin and health will love you for it!!

Any questions, please let me know! 

Jazze xx