Diary of a dōTERRA Husband

So in March of this year, I took my husband to the dōTERRA Convention. Yep, a 7ft guy, following me around the Sydney Convention & Exhibition Centre, carrying a dōTERRA backpack. Go figure?!

But little did I know, that this lit a fire for him too. It wasn't just a "sure, I'll come to Sydney for a quick getaway"... he left with the same fire in his belly that I had, and knew that this was exactly what I was meant to be doing.

So this week, I received an email in my inbox with the words:

"I wrote this the week after Convention, but wasn't sure whether to show you. You can publish it if you want (without my spelling errors, lol), but I want you to know how proud I am."


So here it is... yes, I have edited his spelling, but this is straight from hubby, to you, my beautiful Tribe, and why we do what we do :)


A letter from a dōTERRA Husband - My Wife Loves Oils

For those of you who don’t know me, my name is Tom. I’m married to Jazze (MILF), we have a beautiful daughter Clem and we live in Queensland. I’m lucky enough play Professional Basketball for a living. 

Now I’ve titled this 'So My Wife Loves Oils' because well, she does. I will give you a basic breakdown of how that happened from my perspective and how it has changed our family. For a quick side note I’m shit at writing and this is the first time I have tried my hand at anything like this so stay with me. 

So the basics are our daughter Clem was sleeping like shit. Constantly waking up, never going down easy and it was sending Jazze and myself bananas. We were at breaking point, had read all the books, had a set routine and nothing was working. Jazze told me she was reaching out to someone for some oils and said they could help with her sleep and teething. I thought "bullshit" but what’s there to lose. The roller blends arrived and we applied them just before her bottle. You’re shitting me, she went down with no dramas. Clem slept right through the night and my mind exploded. I still called bullshit but after a week of great sleep I began to believe. 

So Jazze did some research. I remember her telling me this stuff is unreal. There is so much we can do with the oils and they could change our lives and because of what happened with Clem I didn’t hesitate. I said she should dive in and see what they can do for us. Now this part probably won't sound great to you but within the next few weeks she was enrolled and we had the most expensive kit rocking up to our front door with every fucking dōTERRA oil and product that was out. My mind was once again blown. There were supplements, creams, body washes, toothpaste, moisturiser, fractionated coconut oil, books and of course every oil. She spent a lot of time researching how to make the blends, what oil goes in what and how they can help you. She was hooked and so was I. 

She began making blends for us. We began with 'Calm', 'Sleep' and 'Teething'  for Clem. Then she made them for her and myself. They worked great. We were sleeping better and when getting worked up or we thought we needed it, we would apply the clam roller and it would honestly settle us. So I started to a little research myself because I was like well fuck it this stuff is doing wonders for us I should see what I can do with it. Sure enough I stumble across the 'Intimacy' diffuser blends, and I’m putting them on to try my luck. Jazze walks in from work, notices the new smell, says she loves it what’s in it and how did I know to make that. Me with the dirty look tells her, and anyway one thing led to another and lets just say ya boy got lucky lol.

Ok I got off track but I just wanted to say the oils really have changed our life. Jazze is a different person and I’m not saying she wasn’t loving, kind or she was an angry person before but she is more loving, she has been able to deal with lots of issues by using them and they have helped us so much since we started using them. They might not be for everybody but they worked for us and if she didn’t bring it up with me and we didn’t give it a try fuck knows how we would be right now. I use the oils to help me relax, for injuries, and I always have them on my jersey for games. There are so many ways you can use them - my wife loves them and so do I.

I have never seen her so passionate about something, and it became really clear when we went to Convention. She was made for this, and she was made to serve you, and what she calls, "her Tribe".

P.s. here’s one last bit... we have blends and diffuser blends for in between the sheets time and they are fucking great so I thank the oils for that haha.


Tom Jervis

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