dōTERRA January Promotions

Well the promo's are live and they are EPIC!

See below for everything you need to know...

Free Frankincense promotion extended to January 15


get this free!

Immune support, cellular support, emotional support, inflammation, skin...

With any 200PV (product value) order before January 15th, you will receive a FREE 15ml Frankincense!

This applies to both members and non-members. For non-members, this would mean enrolling with a Home Essentials Kit, for example. For more information about Enrolment Kits, click here.

Frankincense is great for the lower layers of your skin (which is where collagen is produced). I like to add a drop of Frankincense to some Jojoba oil, morning and night, which helps with any skin imperfections.

Emotionally, Frankincense is the Oil of Truth! I rely on my Emotions and Essential Oils book so much when supporting myself emotionally. It refers to Frankincense as follows:

"This oil helps to create new perspectives based on light and truth. Frankincense assists in pulling the "scales of darkness" from the eyes, the barriers from the mind, and the walls from the heart. Through connecting the soul with its inner light, this oil reveals the truth"

100 Free Points? YES PLEASE!!

If you enrol with an order of 100PV or more (for example, the Family Essentials Kit), and then place a 100PV Loyalty Rewards Order the following month, you will get 100 FREE POINTS!

Let's put this into perspective. 

Say you signed up with a Home Essentials Kit between now and January 15th, and then you create a 100PV Loyalty Rewards order in February. You would get:

- Free Frankincense (because this promo has been extended)

- 100 Free points

- Your shipping costs from your February order back in points in March

- 10% of the PV Value of your February order back in points in March

- So you could get the Mood Management Kit for FREE in March (what the actual fuck - amazing!), or you could purchase this in February (as it is 101.5PV) and get something different for free in March!

Check out my previous blog post for an explanation of the Loyalty Rewards Program.

10% off Smart & Sassy


10% off Smart & Sassy


This oil is seriously just what you need in January to help rid yourself of the December over-indulgences!!

It is great for metabolism, curbing sugar cravings, and helping with appetite control. It it also used a lot by women suffering from fertility issues, as it helps to support healthy insulin levels.

It is also invigorating and stimulating to the senses - I'd recommend combining Smart & Sassy with a healthy eating and exercise program to get maximum benefits!

For more information on Smart & Sassy (or 'Slim & Sassy' as it's referred to in the US), click here

Free Product of the Month (existing members who enrolled before January)



Immune and respiratory support, surface spray, airborne pathogens, tickle in the throat, full of antioxidants...


If you place a Loyalty Rewards Order of 125PV or more before January 15th, you will receive a 5ml On Guard for FREE!!!

On Guard provides fantastic immune support, protects against environmental threats (tip: add On Guard to some water for an easy peasy all purpose surface spray), can support your body's natural antioxidant defenses, can be diffused to protect against airborne pathogens and is great for a sore throat (you can either put a drop in a lemon and honey tea, gargle it, or apply it to the outside of your throat with some Fractionated Coconut Oil). 

For more information about On Guard and how to use it, click here.

If these promotions tickle your fancy, and you are not yet a member of dōTERRA, click here for more information about joining our Tribe!

Jazze xx