The importance of lymphatic drainage and connecting with your facialist

So I have been going to Kindred Toxin Free Facials for a few months, and if I ever move States, I will be flying back just to see Nat & Lily (not even kidding). I have recently moved to all non-toxic skin care, and my friend Erica from Ohm My Yoga recommended Kindred to me. 

I never intended to write a blog about my experience or anything, but after today's facial, I felt like I needed to write about the importance of connecting with your facialist, because I feel like I not only had a facial, but spent an hour with a psychologist.

I booked in for the Empress Ritual for two reasons:

  1. It came with a free Gua Sha and I had smashed one of mine in Uluru (DEVOOOOO)
  2. Ya'll know how I feel about lymphatic drainage, and Nat is just as crazy about it too.

Gua Sha

Nat has heaps of information on her website, including a helpful video on how to use your Gua Sha, which I have re-created below (and yes, Clementine makes an appearance). 

As Nat explains on her website, Gua Sha is "the tricky-to-say but easy-to-love healing technique which works by stimulating blood circulation beneath the top layer of your skin". It helps to stimulate blood flow, break up bad energy, reduce inflammation, and promote healing (AMEN!)

I have only been using my Gua Sha's for about a month but I have already noticed the difference in my skin. I only do it once a week because my current stress levels means I have reduced layers of skin, and any exfoliation is a no-go (thanks for the tip, Nat!). 

Lymphatic Drainage

You probably already know that I add Lemon essential oil to magnesium salts and rub that all over my body at least once a week to get rid of toxins in my body. 

Nat's facials incorporate specific massage techniques, focused on your lymph nodes, to ensure that we are eliminating as many toxins from our body as possible. Nat says that by incorporating these light massage techniques (including through the use of a Gua Sha), you are helping your skin to detoxify. The benefits of doing this include increased collagen production and cellular turnover, which helps your skin to have a glowing complexion. 

It also helps to regenerate your tissues and enhance your metabolism and immune system function. The benefits are seriously endless! 

Connecting with your Facialist

Now, I've had plenty of facials in my time, and I've spent a lot of money on my skin.

I don't have clear skin. I never have. I've spent hours upon hours and hundreds upon hundreds on my skin, but did I really care about the experience? Not really - I just wanted my skin to be clear. 

So to now find someone who uses non-toxic products, has improved my skin, AND places a huge emphasis on overall wellness and wellbeing, is just BEYOND!!

So, without further ado, meet Nat:


Nat, founder of Kindred

(best facialist ever!)

I had a facial this morning, and it could not have come at a better time after having an anxiety attack for the first time a couple of days ago.

Once I was on the bed, she asked me to describe how I was feeling in three words. My response:

Exhausted, Anxious, Overwhelmed

She said she felt like I needed to feel grounded again, like I was making the right choices, and ready to tackle my next challenge. 

I can't even explain the experience that Nat gives. She has beautiful crystal infused sprays, which she uses alongside words of encouragement, affirmations, and guidance on emotions and energies. It truly is remarkable.

About 10 minutes in, I felt Nat pause. She said:

"All I'm getting is 'support'. You need to be supported, both now in terms of your skin, and going forward in terms of your emotions"

She said she didn't want me to leave feeling depleted, and was only going to focus on supporting me.

In that moment, I felt very emotional, but very grounded, connected and well... supported!

It allowed me to fully relax into the facial, listen to what she was doing, and feel like I had the ability to not just be present, but recognise and enjoy the present!

The little affirmations and crystal infused sprays continue throughout the facial, and I really do feel like I've spent an hour with a psychologist and a whole day chatting with my best friend. 

It truly was (and always is) a wonderful experience to get a facial at Kindred, and it has really emphasised the importance of connecting with whomever is performing the facial. I had never thought about this before, I guess just because I'd never really felt that connection with any of the therapists. 

So there you have it.. Why I love Kindred and why I'll always be obsessed with Lymphatic drainage!

Jazze xx

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P.s if you've had a wonderful facial experience, I'd love for you to comment on my Gua Sha video on my Instagram page and tell me about it :)


P.p.s. you also get Loco Love chocolates at the end of the facial, which is the best chocolate I've ever tasted!!