February Promotions

Well the promo's are live and they are EPIC!

See below for everything you need to know...

100 Free Points? YES PLEASE!!

If you enrol with an order of 100PV or more (for example, the Home Essentials Kit), and then place a 100PV Loyalty Rewards Order the following month, you will get 100 FREE POINTS!

Let's put this into perspective. 

Say you signed up with a Home Essentials Kit this month, and then you create a 100PV Loyalty Rewards order in March. You would get:

- 100 Free points in April

- 12.5 points (10% of your 125PV order) back in April

- Your shipping costs from your March order back in points in April (approximately 7.5 points)

So you would have approximately 120 points to spend in April (FOR FREE)

So you could get the Mood Management Kit for FREE in April (AMAZING!), or you could purchase this in MARCH (as it is 101.5PV, so you are placing that 100PV Loyalty Rewards Order in accordance with the promotion) and get something different for free in April (something for your kids or yourself)!

Check out my previous blog post for an explanation of the Loyalty Rewards Program.

10% off Passion 'Inspiring' Blend


10% off 5ml PASSION 

'Inspiring' Blend

I use this oil daily. It is always diffusing in my office, and I apply the Passion roller (pictured) throughout the day too.

It is so easy to make your own roller bottle, and the added benefit of having the actual bottle is that you can diffuse too!

After the discount, this oil is $58.30 (AUD).

It is the oil for finding your passion!! It was formulated to help you if you are lacking inner passion. If you are caught up in self-denial or even regimentation in your daily life, then this is the oil for you. 

Overworking and being too serious can dull your emotions and sensitivity to everyday life. This blend encourages you to be more playful and spontaneous.


For more information on Passion, click here.

Free Product of the Month (existing members who enrolled before February)

If you place a Loyalty Rewards Order of 125PV or more before January 15th, you will receive a free Fractionated Coconut Oil!

You can never have too much of this in your home. I use it to apply my oils topically, as a makeup remover, and even in my sprays (to help carry the oils).

If these promotions tickle your fancy, and you are not yet a member of dōTERRA, click here for more information about joining our Tribe!

Jazze xx