5 Ways to Create Instant Calm in Your Home

Here are five of my 5 favourite ways to create calm (pretty instantly) in your home!

Spend 10 minutes every night resetting your home

  • If you drink coffee, set up the machine, top the kettle with water, set out your coffee and teaspoon

  • Pack away kids toys

  • Tidy living space

  • Wipe down benches

  • Pack and turn on dishwasher

  • Right before bed, turn your living area/kitchen diffuser on with 5 drops each of Lemon and Lavender

No matter how tired you are, how late you get home or if you are up with your kids, your ‘tomorrow self’ will thank you for doing this!

Listen to binaural beats

Umm, what??? What even is that?

When you hear two tones, one in each ear, that are slightly different in frequency, your brain processes a beat at the difference of the frequencies. This is called a binaural beat.

Binaural beats are claimed to induce the same mental state associated with a meditation practice, but much more quickly. They are said to:

  • reduce anxiety

  • increase focus and concentration

  • lower stress

  • increase relaxation

  • foster positive moods

  • promote creativity

  • help manage pain

You can read more about the research here.

How do I listen to it?

I’ll listen to beats that are great for focus when I’m working, and meditative and sleep ones when I’m winding down (and even when I’m in the shower), when I’m driving or even first thing in the morning.

Youtube has the best binaural beats in my opinion, but I usually only do this if I’m at home because then I can play it from my laptop.

Otherwise I listen on Spotify.

Honestly, it’s game changer! Can’t wait for you to listen!

Write it down

“Dear Journal. I feel stressed”. Literally this is all it needs to be sometimes!

You would be so surprised how impactful this simple act can be - research suggest that daily journaling can help to clear your mind of stress and anxiety.

This doesn’t just go for journaling, but writing down your to-do list, your tasks, daily gratitude etc etc. All of it helps and 5 minutes of that can move me from total shit show, to completely in check!

You can watch my IGTV video here chatting all things daily journaling!

Create 1 micro moment

Jazze, you’re losing me again!!!

Ok, ok. Here we go.

A micro moment is literally just a moment in your day that is conscious TIME OUT.

It might be a reminder on your phone to just smile, to tell your husband you love them, or to do a star jump. It gives your mind a break, and really does improve your efficiency and focus for the remainder of your day!

For me, I like to create micro moments around my house.

For example:

  • there are affirmations and reminders to smile on sticky notes in my toilet.

  • I have a couple of alarms on my phone to get a drink of water and text hubby

  • there is a little spot at my kettle (where a lot of us spend time waiting for it to boil) that has the below image and serves as a good reminder to stop for a second and put my face in the sun, go outside with no shoes and stand on the grass or have a glass of water.


Use essential oils

I mean, duh!!!

It’s as simple as inhaling a bit of Lavender, or adding a drop to your hands. In fact, a study published in the American Journal of Hospice and Palliative Medicine measured the responses of 17 cancer hospice patients to humidified essential lavender oil aromatherapy. Results reflected a positive change in blood pressure and pulse, pain, anxiety, depression, and sense of well-being.

But it’s not just in the science.

It’s in how we feel. That we are in control of how we respond emotionally. That we have the ability to pick up something that is at our fingertips, is powerful, and cheaper (and safer) than its alternatives!

Fave essential oil moments:

  • A drop of Frankincense under the tongue (or put your thumb on the top of the bottle and then hold your thumb to the roof of your mouth for 5 seconds)

  • A drop of Lavender in my hands, cupped over my nose and a few deep breaths

  • A drop of Balance on wrists and as above. I also love to run it through my hair as the fractionated coconut oil acts as a bit of a serum!

  • Take 5 minutes to go and put your diffuser on, even if you are leaving the house! What a beautiful space you are going to walk back into!

  • Carry a little pouch with your fave essential oils in it in case of emergency

  • Switch your perfume and instead lather yourself in fractionated coconut oil with two drops of Lavender. You never know if you’ll have a stressful moment, move sideways and get a big whiff of that Lavender. You’ll be surprised at how powerful such a small act can be!

If you try any of these tips, be sure to comment below and let me know!

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Jazze xx