Loyalty Rewards Program explained...

I get a lot of messages about the Loyalty Rewards Program so I thought I would give you a little explanation and answer some FAQ's.

Firstly, it can be confusing (I was like wtf when I first joined). But hopefully, by the end of this post, you'll be all like GET ME ONTO LRP!!

First thing's first...

Every product (whether its an oil, lip balm or a diffuser) has both a $$$ value and a 'Product Value' (i.e. PV).

They are not always equal - for example, a bottle of Whisper is $39 wholesale, but has a Product Value of 27.

In a nutshell:

If you make an order of 50PV or more, you will earn a percentage back of your order in additional points the following month.
If you make an order of 125PV by the 15th of the month you will get our FREE oil of the month.
Every 3 months that you order at least 50PV or more, you will move up by 5% in your percentage back, until you reach the max of 30% back (after 13 months). For example, for every 100PV you buy, you will get 30 points (approximately $30 - $50) back in product points that can be redeemed just like cash! #sogenerous
For any orders that you process through the LRP you will get all of your shipping back in points the following month.

If you're a visual person, here is a really helpful video that you can watch. 


For example, let's say you buy a bottle of Geranium, which has a product value of 34. 

You receive 10% of that 34PV to collect in your ‘back office’ the following month. So you receive 3.4PV to save + collect in your back office.

The volume of points back over time increases, all the way to 30% points back if you purchase over 50PV each month for 13 months.

So if you buy the same bottle of Geranium in 13 months time, you receive 30% of the PV back. I.e. you will get 10.2PV back on that single bottle.


What if I can't afford to order every month?

You only need to process a 1PV order to ‘hold’ or ‘maintain’ your %points back level. I always suggest adding a bottle of Lemon, or even a lip balm to your order, so that you can keep the points you've earned. 

Even though you don't 'earn' points when the order is less than 50PV, at least you will keep them!

Am I locked in to this?

Nope! If you want to cancel your LRP, simply call Head Office in your location and they can cancel it for you on the spot.

Make sure you ‘spend’ any accrued points though if you do wish to cancel or you’ll lose them.

Phone: (02) 8015-5080 (Australia) (+64) 32 88 00 11 (New Zealand).

How do I collect my points?

Say you want to buy a bottle of Whisper.

A bottle of this is valued at $52.00 retail or $39.00 wholesale... BUT, it is only 27PV.

So once you have saved 27PV in your back office, you can spend that on a $39 bottle of Whisper.

This is the value of the Loyalty Rewards Program! Only using 27 points, for a $39 bottle of oil!

How do I create a LRP Order?

You can create your LRP Order the month after you enrol. So if you enrol this month (January), you can do your first LRP Order in February.


If you make an order of 125PV by the 15th of the month, you receive a FREE product from dōTERRA called the ‘Product Of The Month’, which will be automatically shipped with your order (for January, it is On Guard).

You have set your LRP to ship on your chosen date monthly. This means you need to update your cart each month after your order ships to make sure you receive different products and oils each month.

Hope this helps!

Jazze xx