5 Minutes with Danielle from {SIMPLE as that}

So if you saw my Instagram Post, you will know that I am OBSESSED with Danielle's Matcha Mask. I'm also a huge fan of her sunscreen, and just everything about her. So, I thought why not shoot her an email and see if I can pick her brain?


Well, she happily obliged!

Her beautiful brand, {SIMPLE as that} is about "proven results, organic, fair trade and vegan ingredients, and a simple beauty routine to keep your skin healthy for life." Doesn't that summarise it perfectly?! I LOVE SIMPLE!!


So, without further ado...

Welcome Danielle! Super excited to have you - I have been loving on your products ever since Nat from Kindred Toxin Free Facials introduced them to me! Tell me about your non-toxic beauty journey? When and why did it begin?

I originally trained as a pharmacist and later as a compounding pharmacist, meaning I make medicines and products for patients from scratch (think mortar and pestle). Over the years I built up a reputation for making customized skin preparations so about 7 years ago I turned this passion into formulating more mainstream organic beauty products.

When I was originally doing my research I remember being appalled and horrified by all the nasty, toxic ingredients in mainstream skincare and this is where and why my non-toxic beauty journey really began. It was honestly so confronting to think that the skincare industry is largely unregulated meaning that companies can basically add any synthetic, toxic ingredients they like into their products.  

What was your inspiration to launch your beautiful brand, {SIMPLE as that}? 

{SIMPLE as that} is actually the second skincare brand I’ve launched. The first one is called DnA Elements. Both skincare companies were born as a result of me being horrified and appalled by all the nasty ingredients found in so many skincare products. This, and having access to some beautiful natural ingredients in the lab and knowing how to blend these into skincare preparations, made me take a leap of faith and start my own skincare brands.

I launched {SIMPLE as that} to fill a huge gap in the market place for affordable, all-natural, vegan, Aussie made products using the fewest ingredients possible to promote natural beauty.

I think along the way, through education and just by telling my story, I’ve helped a lot of people make the switch to natural and organic skincare and make-up brands which has really helped shape their own health and wellness journey.  

What are your top three skin care tips, regardless of 'skin type'?

Wear less make-up, always wear sunscreen and eat well as your skin really is a reflection of what’s going on inside our body.

Should we change our skincare routine in winter?

As the weather cools down and humidity levels decrease, it’s really important to change your skincare routine to keep your skin healthy and glowing.  Choose more hydrating and heavy moisturisers that contain ingredients like shea butter and avoid products high in alcohol and preservatives, as these can be really drying for your skin.  

What are your top three skin care products that you can't live without?

Ere Perez bronzer, Inika mascara and my sunscreen! [Jazze: I also use all of those and can't live without them either!].

Huge thanks to the beautiful Danielle for her time... you can find her over at the {SIMPLE as that} Website, Instagram and Facebook

Oh... and how could I forgot the most important part? DISCOUNTTTTTTT!! 

To get 15% off storewide at {SIMPLE as that}, enter “simplelife” at the checkout. Be sure to grab the sunscreen now that we are heading into the back end of winter!  

Jazze xx