The Sunday Reset and why every household needs it

As the saying goes… a Sunday well spent brings a week of content!

Nobody likes to start their week off by playing catch-up. Imagine starting each and every week with a sense of control, of calm, of organisation, of communication. 

Well, being a mum, while living away from your husband for 10 months, running a business and working full time did have a couple of perks… I learnt how to be organised and plan effectively.

There’s a difference between just putting things on the calendar and actually communicating what needs to happen and actioning it. 

So let me help you start every week with a fresh and organised mind!

What is the Sunday Reset?

The Sunday Reset is a really important activity in our house, and it happens regardless of whether Tom is at home or not. 

Effectively, it is a reflection on the previous week; what worked well, what processes and systems need to be improved. It is prioritising your important tasks the following week and noting anything important that might be on the calendar.

Before you can implement the Sunday Reset, I think its really important to sit down as a family and nut out your core values.

Core Values

First, right down what your personal, core values are.

This could be things like:

  • Quality, uninterrupted time with your kids

  • 30 minutes a day of solo reading time

  • A screen time goal

  • A podcast listening goal

Then, ask your husband/partner/wife/au pair to do the same. 

Compare notes. Are there some core values? Perhaps both of you want quality, uninterrupted time with your kids and 30 minutes of solo time a day. 

What’s the point of this exercise?

Well - part of the Sunday Reset is to identify what’s on that week. If a core value is quality, uninterrupted time with your kids then this needs to go on the calendar. It might be time as a family, or it could be your own solo, quality time with your kids (while your hubby or partner takes the reigns at home).

Similarly, if a core value is that you both want 30 minutes of solo time a day, then this needs to be on the calendar. Perhaps your time is in the morning and your husband or partner does breakfast. If your partner works away or long hours, then perhaps your 30 minutes of solo time is while your kids are at a gym creche.

I’ve been known to do a 20 minute workout and spend the remaining 40 minutes sitting at the gym cafe having a coffee.

You gotta do what you gotta do!

I find that this exercise really allows you to identify things that you perhaps didn’t realise were so important, or opportunities for things to be outsourced so that you can fulfil those core values. 

What next?

Now that you’ve established your personal and core values, you are in a position to tackle your Sunday Reset. This might take you a couple of hours the first few times you do it, but it will become smoother and smoother as you continue to practice it, and make it habitual. 

To make it easy for you, I’ve created a free download for you to complete each Sunday night.

Screen Shot 2019-06-09 at 6.49.22 pm.png

Sunday Reset

Time to start the week off fresh!

Sunday Reset Checklist…

  • Big dinner together as a family (if possible and if all in the same place)

  • Tidy up house

  • Clear laptop and iMac desktop of screen shots/downloads and file them if necessary

  • Review and file/delete photos and screen shots on my phone from the previous week

  • Review prior week and plan out the week ahead (we use Google Calendar - the most intuitive calendar you could use and can be synced with Gmail, Google Sheets etc. Highly recommend getting it!))

  • Meal plan (we use Plan to Eat)

  • Self care to finish an awesome Sunday (it can be as simple as dropping your feet into the bath while your kids are in there, or a nice long bath yourself).

Check out this image below for some things to try on your Sunday

IG_ FB - 10 THING LIST (3).png

Final thoughts

I hope you’ve found this little exercise helpful.

If you are not yet using essential oils and would like to learn how to use them to really anchor in and focus on your Sunday reset, or wind down for some self care time, then click here to learn more about what it means to join our community!

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Jazze xx