If you are finding it hard to focus, to reach your goals, to ascertain what it is you really want, this blend will help you manifest and TAKE ACTION!

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Frankincense helps you to let go of lower vibrations and energies, and any negativity that has been holding you back. It will also shield your body and soul from those negative influences. It invites you to connect with your spirituality, and it enhances and harmonises the entire formula of this blend. 


Spearmint assists with clarity and your ability to verbalise your intentions with boldness. If you tend to hide your opinions and ideas, then this oil will help you to access that inner confidence and light to verbalise those thoughts.

Clary Sage

This will help you to expand your vision, opening yourself up to better productivity, creativity and clearing any imaginative or creative blocks that may be occurring. 

Blue Tansy

Blue Tansy assists those who are unsure about change and resist taking action. It acts as a catalyst and "wake up call" to those who are feeling sluggish, unmotivated and drained. If you want to manifest your passion into action, then it's Blue Tansy that you need!


Manifest, baby! What is distracting you and clouding your judgment? Litsea will help you to recognise this and make the necessary changes to ensure that you are living in alignment with your truth. It encourages you to take the leap of faith you have been waiting for! 


Sandalwood helps you to form bonds with everyone that crosses your path. It helps you to feel one with yourself, with others and opens your heart to meaningful connection. It quiets the mind and raises you into a higher level of consciousness.